New Fitness Membership Program for Adults with Special Needs

We are excited to announce a new program for 2018!

Beginning in March 2018 Impact Sports will partner with Core Strength Training to provide supervised All Abilities Open Gym times. During select daytime hours, individuals who purchase an All Abilities Open Gym Membership may come and work out at Core Strength Training under the supervision of an adapted fitness trainer. 

All Abilities Open Gym is designed for individuals who may need additional instruction or support to get a safe and effective workout.  

About Our New Program

The facility is a small community gym conveniently located in King of Prussia. It provides a less stimulating environment while still offering a wide variety of equipment.   

During All Abilities Open Gym time, the adapted fitness trainer will:

  • Provide a “workout of the day” which members may or may not choose to complete
  • Set up necessary equipment for the workout of the day and other member selected activities
  • Provide guidance on technique and safe use of equipment to members and support staff
  • Assist support staff in adapting activities to meet the specific needs of participants

Community Engagement
Our program is designed to qualify as time spent in the community. There will always be a trainer present for members to interact with. The program will operate during nonpeak hours; however, other members will be present at times, providing for additional interaction opportunities.

Trial Period in March and Cost
During March we will begin the program on a limited basis. Participants will pay only $10 for a month-long membership and we will operate open gym on Mondays from 9:30am-12: 30 pm.

Beginning in April membership costs will increase and the number of days and hours we operate will expand based on membership numbers. 

Members should check with their private insurance company as some companies provide discounts for gym memberships.

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