The beauty of being a coach is that each individual can have their own philosophy and style when it comes to running sessions. Each coaching association will have their own session structure that will be taught to coaches on the educational courses. I think it is very important that coaches, whilst taking on board what is being taught, must also adapt the sessions to facilitate their own coaching beliefs.

The two different styles we, at Impact, discussed were: Technical Vs Game Related. Some coaches focus a lot of the session on the technical aspect of the game, really hammering home the importance and fine detail of becoming technically sound with the ball at your feet. Others may look to run sessions where everything is taught within game situations (3v3, 4v4 etc.) This neglects a little on the technical aspect of the game, but does it give the players a broader knowledge of the game? The best thing is that there is no correct… or incorrect answer. It is purely down to what you, the coach, believe will benefit each and every player the most.

Below are some key points I think we must consider when building our coaching sessions: 

  • Does the different age/ability change the layout/structure of the session?
  • What are the pros and cons for each session style?
  • How does culture play an Impact?
  • The importance of educating parents in our philosophy
  • Finding a balance between ‘Over Coaching’ and ‘Lack of coaching’. 

Remember, find your own style and believe in what you are doing.

Harry Trethowan

 - Teaching a soccer player to make the correct decision is much like teaching a math student how to find the answer. We don’t want to give you the answer, we want to give YOU the tools to find the solution