Leaders involved in providing instruction to young people have an incredible opportunity to be positive role models and help build participant confidence. Our Code of Ethics outlines the values and responsibilities to be considered by instructors as they lead activity in a sporting environment:


We will:

  • be passionate, active, approachable, and ready to offer encouragement.
  • set high standards and promote accountability.
  • prioritize character development over skill development.
  • respect opinions and feelings.
  • promote sport as a vehicle for fun, personal growth, movement, and socialization.   
  • be honest and act with integrity.


We will:

  • treat all stakeholders with respect and sincerity.
  • share problems and overcome challenges.
  • protect sensitive information about our operations.
  • strive to improve through reflection, discussion, and reading.
  • be innovative and bold.
  • handle issues and challenges speedily.


We will:

  • provide a safe environment for children to participate in sport.
  • plan and prepare to minimize and handle accidents appropriately.
  • act to ensure the well-being of all participants.   
  • provide qualified and insured coaches.
  • report incidents to the designated Safety Officer.

 February 2017